“[...] fundamental PIM problems are surprisingly resistant to technology change. [...] Despite apparent technology improvements, we still forget to deal with vital actionable items, find it hard to judge the value of new information, keep large amounts of infomation of questionable value, and fail to retrieve important information that we have made stringent efforts to organize.” 
― Ofer BergmanThe Science of Managing Our Digital Stuff

Information management is the core of any business. Without a clear and defined path forward for the management of business information, internal continuity of organisational policy and process can lead to costly mistakes when providing products and services for customers. Total Information Management Consulting or TIM Consulting can provide the expertise in identifying where businesses information management systems can be improved to save money and time so that it can be reinvested in the business.

TIM Consulting has access to a network of system specialists, standards and specifications, methodologies and proven solutions to assist any business in managing their business information. With over twenty years experience in administration, operations, maintenance including material management and Performance Based Logistics, training delivery and training development and project management, the skills and expertise that TIM Consulting provides is second to none.

TIM Consulting reintroduces concepts and new applications of data reuse and data mining to improve information development and management so that businesses can then begin implementing configuration management that will then align to the products and services that they provide and support. These concepts and skills relate well to the Australian Defence Industry and the suppliers that are in this industry. As well as the Australian Defence Industry, government agencies, educational institutions manufacturers and natural resource industries will benefit from the use of these simple and practical solutions. Through information reuse and configuration management, businesses will save time and money over the short to medium term with long term benefits.

TIM Consulting specialises in specifications such as Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) S1000D, structured authoring using eXtensible Markup Language (XML).

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