Information and Systems Analysis

TIM Consulting will partner with the customer to analyse existing organisational information. This analysis may include:

  • Analysis of existing organisational policies and procedures for duplication of information and identify better methods of producing this information to align with organisational requirements,
  • Analysis of technical and non technical product information and data for use in maintenance and operational documentation,
  • Analysis of Performance Based Logistics (PBL) data for use in technical product documentation,
  • Analysis of information and mapping to XML information types and architecture,
  • Analysis of systems and system of systems to identify linkages to organisational strategy looking at the many disciplines that make up the business from HR and Finance to Engineering and Logistics with everything in between,
  • Analyse for consistency, quality and ability to reuse in end user documentation and training applications.

Through thorough analysis, suitable standards and specifications will be identified and recommended for use to gain the most beneficial data mining capabilities.