Information and Systems Analysis

TIM Consulting will partner with the customer to analyse existing organisational information. This analysis may include:

  • Analysis of existing organisational policies and procedures for duplication of information and identify better methods of producing this information to align with organisational requirements,
  • Analysis of technical and non technical product information and data for use in maintenance and operational documentation,
  • Analysis of Performance Based Logistics (PBL) data for use in technical product documentation,
  • Analysis of information and mapping to XML information types and architecture,
  • Analysis of systems and system of systems to identify linkages to organisational strategy looking at the many disciplines that make up the business from HR and Finance to Engineering and Logistics with everything in between,
  • Analyse for consistency, quality and ability to reuse in end user documentation and training applications.

Through thorough analysis, suitable standards and specifications will be identified and recommended for use to gain the most beneficial data mining capabilities.

Business Process Services

TIM Consulting will partner with the customer to further develop the outcomes from the analysis phase. This can include:

  • Development of business systems and systems of systems strategies to enable a streamlined information development and management,
  • Development of strategies to identify methodologies for the reduction of pre and post processing of information generation,
  • Development and mapping of information plans to identify maximum information reuse to improve sustainability and efficiency in the organisation,
  • Development of business process to support the implementation of change in the organisation.

Working in partnership with the customer, this service provides customised solutions for the organisation to work to and achieve the best results.

Business Information Development Services

The consultants at TIM Consulting have extensive experience in designing, developing, managing and delivering highly complex information based products to the customer. The consultants will work with the customer to provide development services that may include:

  • Business and technical writing services for new and existing organisational policies and procedures,
  • Technical writing services for technical and non technical content creation for new products to be used in operational and maintenance environments,
  • Training development services for internal and external end user product use delivered through face to face and Computer Based Training (CBT).
  • Information review services providing recommendations and full document editorial reviews,
  • Provision of both structured authoring (SGML and XML) and standard desktop publishing services.

With the experience and application knowledge of many standards and specifications, the organisation will benefit from the best of breed in information development throughout various industries.

Project Management Services

TIM Consulting provides Project Management services from project initiation to project close. These services may include:

  • Project integration management,
  • Management of the project scope,
  • Project time and quality management,
  • Management of cost and budgets,
  • Human resource management,
  • Communications management between customer and identified vendors,
  • Risk management
  • Project procurement,
  • Project close out.

Project management will be applied to all aspects of the tasks performed by TIM Consulting and can extend to assist the customer requirements as a whole of project service.


TIM Consulting can provide customised training services for organisations. Customised training may include:

  • Introduction to S1000D
  • Introduction to S1000D Business Rules
  • Application of S1000D in project environment
  • Introduction to Structured Authoring (XML)
  • Introduction to Authoring to the S1000D Schemas
  • Business services training derived from project work.

TIM Consulting will partner with the customer to Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate organisational training requirements based on the needs of the end users.